Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Take control of your energy costs and embrace sustainability with our hassle-free solar solutions. We empower you to enjoy the full advantages of solar system ownership, all while avoiding the financial burden and operational complexities of maintenance

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Harnessing Solar Energy With Our Innovative PPA Solution

At WESTUtilities, we offer a unique opportunity for businesses to harness the benefits of solar energy without the burdensome upfront costs and maintenance hassles associated with solar system ownership.

What is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)?

At its simplest, a PPA means we provide our clients with all the benefits of a free, fully maintained solar solution. You preserve your capital but still get all the advantages of switching to solar. We own the system, you take ownership of its benefits. You buy the solar energy from us similar to grid energy, but with minimal down, translating into immediate savings for your school, sectional title, farm, or business.

Our PPA clients often remark how much they enjoy the benefits of solar energy without the responsibility ownership entails. We fund, maintain and insure the system. Energy savings and preserved capital means more freedom to achieve your goals and growth potential.

Key Features of Our PPA

Delve into the core features of our Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) that ensure a seamless, cost-effective, and sustainable solar energy partnership for your business.

Capital-Free Energy

Access clean, affordable energy without capital outlay.

Price Stability

Shield your business from fluctuating energy prices with a consistent, predetermined rate.

Sustainability Goals

Achieve your sustainability objectives with Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) or Guarantee of Origin (GOO) included in the agreement, which add to your green credentials.

Maintenance Assurance

We handle maintenance, repairs, and replacements, sparing you unexpected expenses.

Inflation Protection

Lock in long-term energy savings that aren't impacted by inflation.

Focus on Profit

Allocate resources to revenue-generating activities instead of energy-related capital expenditures.

Why Choose PPA Financing?

Why Choose PPA Financing?

For large-scale projects, traditional financing options may have drawbacks. Cash purchases require substantial upfront capital, while loans impact credit ratings and future financial flexibility. Moreover, the long-term costs of maintenance and repairs can add up significantly.

Maintenance Costs You Can Avoid:

  • Solar system monitoring
  • Routine maintenance
  • Repair and replacement
  • Solar panel cleaning
  • Service call-out fees
  • Rooftop access expenses
  • Insurance premiums and excess
  • Hiring energy experts
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Why Choose WESTUtilities?

When it comes to solar energy solutions, trust experience and reliability. At WESTUtilities, we tailor our systems to your unique energy needs, ensuring efficiency without waste. Our products and services come with rock-solid guarantees, backed by our years of industry experience.

With our PPA, you only pay for the solar electricity you consume, with no hidden costs. We handle system monitoring, maintenance, and repairs, ensuring optimal performance. By partnering with us, you’ll have peace of mind, knowing that your power needs are in capable hands.

We prioritize providing solutions that have a meaningful impact on your business, never compromising on quality.

Choose WESTUtilities for a brighter, greener future.